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Majestic Ban Gioc Waterfall on the Vietnam border

The trip to Vietnam for the most beautiful natural waterfall, will give you an unforgettable experience on this vacation. They are not only the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam, recently, Ban Gioc is also dubbed as one of the 10 most impressive waterfall on the planet. Located on the northeastern border of the province of Cao Bang, about 400 kilometers from Hanoi, Ban Gioc falls are one of the most popular attractions in the country, a destination worth visiting for the majestic of its presence, it is spectacular surroundings without a doubt among the most beautiful places.

What is the best time to visit Ban Gioc waterfall?
Infact, you don't have to worry about the best time of the year to be able to comtemplate the beauty of Ban Gioc waterfalls. In each season, Ban Gioc brings a unique and different beauty. In the dry season ( from October to May of the following year), Ban Gioc waterfalls are described as fairies, soft and ethereal. In this season, you will not be able to resist the beauty of these waterfalls and you will always want to immerse yourself in turquoise and fresh waters.

In the  rainy season ( from June to December ), the water of Ban Gioc falls flows faster, so they create a majestic and different beauty compared to the dry season. In the rainy season, your trip may encounter some obstacles more than the dry season, but the beauty of the falls is always able to hypnotize witg abt visual details and sounds to any visitor and in any season. 

Destinations around Ban Gioc falls


 Nguom Ngao caves are located in the village of Gun, Dam Thuy commune, trung Khanh district of Cao Bang province. According to scientific research, the caves of Nguom Ngao are karst formed almost 300 million years ago. Stalatites and stalagmites create animated, splendid and fascinating scenes. Nguom Ngao is really a priceless gift that nature has given to Cao Bang, the province of northeastern Vietnam.

Pac Bo Historic site


 In Pac Bo, you will have the oppotunity to find precious historical relics such as the house of Ly Quoc Sung, the Cac Max mountain, the cave of Pac Bo where Ho Chi Minh worked at a time of the Vietnam revolution. Also, you could visit the Lenin stream and bathe in the turquoise water of this stream.
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